Conflict Material Declaration

Tin, Tungsten, Gold, and Tantalum being mined in the Republic of Congo have been defined as “conflict metals” and are used in the electronics industry for the manufacture of circuit boards. It has been established that profits from DRC “conflict metals” are being used to further unfair labor practices and create human rights violations.

Rockymountain Circuits Colorado, Inc. fully supports IPC’s “Position Statement on the Trade of Conflict Metals.”

We ensure to the best of our ability that any metal Rockymountain Circuits Colorado, Inc. may acquire qualifying as a “conflict metal” has been traced to its source or an EICC/GeSI validated supplier, and has been confirmed to be DRC Conflict-Free from countries where violence is not an everyday occurrence and human rights violations are not repeatedly reported.

Traceability of these metals to either their source or an EICC/GeSI validated supplier can be verified by contacting Rockymountain Circuits’ Process Engineering Office at (303) 530-1900.