Quality & Certifications

At Rockymountain Circuits, quality is what sets us apart. We operate in an environment where excellence is expected rather than hoped for. Proper and through training of our technicians is key in accomplishing a quality minded workforce, rather than relying on our Quality Assurance department to enforce.

Our management system has been planned and documented to ensure the satisfaction of our customers through the guaranteed supply of high quality boards. We do have the necessary quality policy and quality objectives, our quality assurance manual, the procedures determined internally to ensure the effective planning, operation, and control of our processes, and we maintain records to satisfy our customers and our own business needs.

Yet this is only the top of our quality iceberg. Thorough and intensive training along with personnel empowerment to bring up process change ideas allows for ongoing improvement of our process. It also allows for ownership of the process and product, and subsequent high quality by our operators and technicians.

We Promise to give you quality